How do I create an intro video for my Lessonpal profile?

Creating a video is much simpler than many people think! You can record your video directly on the Lessonpal tutor application. 

Make sure you are set up to record a video on your device. A phone camera or tablet works well; however, the experience is best on a desktop. A microphone and webcam are required to do this. You might also want to have good lighting, a clean background, little to no background noise, and earbuds or a microphone for quality audio.

    • To record a video, click the orange button with the video camera icon that says Record video. If your device prompts you to allow Lessonpal to use your microphone and camera, click Allow
    • Begin recording your video by clicking the orange button that says Start recording. The camera will countdown from three seconds. When the countdown is completed, you may record your video.
    • To stop recording, click the black button that says Stop recording. If you are satisfied, click the orange button that says Save this video. If you are dissatisfied and interested in trying again, click the white button that says Re-record, then repeat the same process.
    • The video may take several minutes to upload and process. Finally, click the orange Done button when you are done. 
    • To upload a video you have already recorded, click the white button with a cloud icon that says Upload video. 
    • Select your video of choice and select Done when you are done. 
    • It may take several minutes to upload and process. 

In your video, be sure to introduce yourself, talk about your background, why you want to be a tutor, and what type of student you work best with. 

A non-distracting background, good lighting, and clear audio will make the video seem professional without any expensive equipment. 

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