What are the Lessonpal teacher guidelines?

We are excited that you have decided to become a teacher and change students’ lives! We have some basic expectations for teachers to ensure the best possible experience for you and your students. 

When your students send you inquiries and messages, reach out to them quickly with your response. If your students purchase lessons but do not schedule them, reach out to them proactively to remind them and assist them in scheduling lessons. 

Show up on time for your scheduled lessons and inform your students promptly if you cannot. 

Be courteous and enthusiastic to your students to encourage them through the learning process. 

When your lessons are delivered, provide a thorough lesson recap and promptly submit them for your students’ review and approval. 

And finally, remember that you, too, were once a student struggling to learn material that now comes easy to you. So be understanding and supportive of your students above all!

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